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Sevayats of Sri Sri Baladevjew



The ritual services of Sri Baladevjew and other deities of the  Temple are performed by a vast number of functionaries called Sevayats, means the people who are engaged in the various services of the Lord. They are are responsible for the day to day seva of Sri Sri Baladevjew. According to their works they are divided as follows -

1. Rajpurohit - They impart training honorarily to the male children of the sevayats regarding the different rituals of the Lord and mange the day to day work in the absence of King or Priests.

2. Pujapanda (Patri & Kar) - They are only engaged in the puja of the Deities. They offer the naivedya (holy offerings) to the Lords by Tulasi leaves.

3. Suar - They prepare the anna prasad for the Deities.

4. Badapanda - They supervise the works of suar and other sevayats.

5. Badaseita - They arrange all the items required for the Puja and help the puja pandas to carry out the holy offerings.

6. Charachaita - They invigilate the works of Rosha (Holy kitchen) and Puja of the Lords.

7. Mekap - They provide the different items for the day to day Bhoga (Holy offerings) to the Lords as per requirement and responsible for the washing of the clothes of the Lords.

8. Gudia Brahman - They prepare the Nisankhudi Bhoga (Different pithas, mithas etc. except anna prasad) for the Lords.

9. BAISHNAB – They  wash or clean the CANDAN ARGALI SNANA and also play flute (KAHALI) for gods. 

10. BIMAN BADU – They carry the Dev Pratima on the chariot and travel the places according to the rituals. 

11. MALI (GARDENER) – They made the aurnaments likes phoola, kar pallab, chula , and kundal for Lord Jagannath , Lord Balbhadra and Goddess Subhadra. 

12. JYOTISHA (ASTROLOGER) - Everyday at the time of DHUPA , they beat  the bells and give information about PANCHANG to Lords. 

13. CHITRAKAR (PAINTER) - They do colour the Dev Pratimas (BIGHRAHA). 

14. NAPITA (BARBER) – They sweep the Bedha (inside the temple boundry) in the morning and before the evening everyday and also lite diya (lamp) in the insides temples. 

15. BADYAKAR – They clean the outside place near ARUNSTHAMBHA and play musical instruments at the time of Yatra. 

16. RAJAK (WASHER MAN)- They wash the cloths of  Lords Jagannath and his siblings. 

17. SEBAK (FOR CARRY UMBRELLA AND LIGHT) –They carry the light (mashal) and umbrella at the time of  PAHANDI and BAHUDA YATRA. 

18. BIJE PANDA – They carry the Bighrahs of Lords to up or down from Ratna Singhasana according to the rituals.






For further information please call  email us at contact@sribaladevjewkendrapara.org

Sevayats Corner
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