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Different Beshas of Sri Sri Baladevjew


Tulasikhetradhipati or Shri Sidha Baladev has more than 20 types of  besa  in a year (12 months) based on different mythological subject. These  different besa were  very interesting and beautiful.  According to rituals of specific event , Shri Jius(Lords) are get special besa.  

Nrushingha Shesadev Besa – On Sukla Chaturdarshi of baisakh month of Oriya calendar or Nrusingha  Chaturdarshi  ,the divine siblings are dress up with Nrusingha Seshadev Besa. The festival of Chandan Yatra or Nabkrida Yatra is also observed on  Akshaya Trutia of the Baisakha month and end after 21 days. 

Gajudharan Besa – On Baisakha Purnima , the siblings are decorated with Gajudharan Besa. According to the rituals, this day the  Lord save the elephant from the crocodile. 

Gajanana Besa or Elephant Besa –  On Jyestha Purnima or Deba Snana Purnima, Lord Jagannath and his siblings are carried to the Snana Mandap. Here they are given a holy bath with 7800 pots of scented water and dress up with Elephant Besa.



Raja Besa – On the occasion of  Shri Gundicha , the Lord Jagannath  is dressed up in beautiful Rajadhiraj (king) Besa.

Shri Raghunath Besa – On Dwadashi Tithi(12th day ) of Ashadha month, the  Lord  dressed up with Shri Raghunath Besa on the chariot before going to Niladri. 

Gamhabhishek Besa- From Suklapakhya dasami to Purnima of  Shraban  month , the Jhulan Yatra held in the Shri Sidha Baladeba Temple. On Shraban Purnima , Shri jius  are dressed up with Gold and Silver jewllary, is called Gamhabhishek Besa.  

Suna Besa – On Dwadashi of Bhadrab month , on the occasion of  Sunia and Baman Janma  the Suna Besa of Lord Jagannath ,Lord Balabhadra and Goddess Subhadra is held. 

Janmastami Besa -  On Astami Tithi of Bhadrab month , Shri Krishna Besa of the Lords is held., which is called Janmastami Besa. 

Radha Damodar Besa -  From Krushna Pratipad to Purnima of  Kartika month ,the Damodar Besa of gods is held . It is also called Radha Damodar Besa. 

Kalia Nag Besa-  On Astami of  Kartik month ,the Kalia Daman Besa of the lords is held. 

Tulasi Arpan Besa – On Suklapakhya Nabami of  Kartika month or Anala  Nabami , the Tulashi Arpan Besa of the Jiu is held. 

Madhu Daitya Sahnara Besa – On Sukla Dasami of  Kartika month , the Madhu Daitya Sahnara Besa is held. According to the mythology, in this day , the Lord kill the demon named Madhu Daitya of  Kandarasur.

Palmbasur Snahar Besa – On Sukla  Dasami of  Kartika  month, the Lord is dressed up in Palamba Sur Besa. According to mythology, that day Lord  Baladeba killed the demon named Pralamba. 

Garud Arohan Besa – Based on Shastra, Lord Baladeba got marry with Goddess Tulasi on Sukla Dwadashi of Kartika month . On that day the Lord ride Garuda for go to near Tulasi. So that day  he dressed up in Garuda Arohan Besa. 

Dwibindabanar Besa -  On Suklapakhya Trayodashi (13th day) of Kartika month , Lord  Baladev jew carry a monkey look to killed the demon named Dwibinda . So on that day, Lord is dressed as a monkey look (Banar Besa). 

Bakasur Besa – On Sukla Chaturdarshi (14th  day) of Kartika month ,Lord has Bakasur Badha Besa for killing the demone  named Baka. 

Padma Besa- On Purnima (full moon day) of Kartika month ,on occasion of Rasotsab ,Lord  is dressed  with louts flower, which  is known as Padma Besa. 

Prathamastami Raja Besa – This besa is observed on Krusna Astami of Margashir month .That day  the gods are wear Raja posak  with many ornaments. 

Denuka Mardhan Besa – On Purnima (full moon) of  Margashira month or Pandu Purnima, Lord Baladev is dress up as Denuka Mardhan Besa for killing the demone named Dhenuka Sur. 

Kanjikaberi Besa – On sukla Panchami Tithi of Magha month or Sri Panchami, Lord Jagannath and Lord Baladev jew  dress up as soldiers and ride on black and white horses.This Besa is called Krishnakaberi Besa. According  to the mythology, they were going to Kanchi  for war. 

Kandara Mardhan Besa- For killing the demone named Kandara Sur, Shri jew  carried Kandara Mardhan Besa on Magha Purnima. 

Krushna Balaram Besa – On Dola Purnima or Holi, Lord Jagannath and Lord Baladev are dress up  as Krushna and Balaram. That  is called Krushna Balaram Besa. 

Sri Raghunath Besa – On Chaitra Purnima , Sri Jews are dress up as Ram and Laxaman Besa. That is called Sri Raghunath Besa. On Navami of Chaitra month or Sri Ram Nabami, the birth day of Sri Ram was celebrated.On this occasion, the Bije Pratima of Sri Jew, Gobinda Jew was carried to Ramlila Mandap.

Swatantra (Special) Tahia Besa – On sukla Dwadashi of Ashadha month, Sri Jews were  carried to Niladri. On that night ,Sri Jew was decorated with Tahia (special crown made of flower) by the Sevak. For this occasion , a special festival of lights and crackers is arreanged. Lakhs  of devotees are came to the temple for this festival. 

Ananta Besa – On Chaturdashi of Kartika month Sri jew carried Ananta Besa. It is a very devine besa of Jew.




Beshas at a glance

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